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Moving Broward Forward

Broward County’s plan to fix roads, bridges and sidewalks.

Katko Cuts

On Nov. 6th, vote Democrat Dana Balter

Faso and Tenney: Hazardous to Your Health

John Faso (NY-19) and Claudia Tenney (NY-22) voted to decimate our healthcare and dump tens of thousands of their constituents from having coverage.

Mega-Mall Millionaire Gwen Graham

Gwen Graham says she supports a lot of things. But when it comes to the millions she owns in her family’s company and their controversial mega-mall, she’s a little confused…

"I Can't Vote, Will You?"

“I’m only 16, but will you vote for Gareth for me? Our lives are at stake” – Althea, junior at Chatham High

Gareth Rhodes: Fighting For Us

In a Congress full of millionaires, it’s time we had a representative who’s one of us.

Gareth Rhodes: Working For Us

“Growing up working on a farm, drilling water wells, and serving as a volunteer firefighter, I felt the frustration of working hard just to make ends meet.”

Shri's Story

“Shri Thanedar saw his mother struggle the same way – trying to support their family after his father lost his job. That’s why he’s fighting for Universal Child Care and Pre-K, paid family leave, and a $15 minimum wage…”

One Michigan

“Over 300,000 Michigan women have been pushed out of the workforce over the past 15 years. I’m with Shri because he’s going to change that…”

Meet the Mercers

After using their right-wing billions to bankroll the toxic twosome of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, the Mercers have now set their sights on buying politicians and influence in New York.