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D.C. Neighborhoods Belong to D.C.

Airbnb is making it even harder to find affordable housing in Washington, D.C.

Airbnb Invasion (NYC)

Airbnb is trying to hide behind the image of a mom-and-pop shop. But we’re not fooled.

What's Airbnb Doing With Your Data?

You consider it your personal data. Does Airbnb?

It's About Transparency

Every year, greedy landlords slice our affordable housing stock with Airbnb’s help

What Does Airbnb Have to Hide?

“Uber discloses data on every pickup and dropoff. Even Facebook started sharing information with regulators. And then there’s Airbnb…”

The Airbnb Tax

“Think the rent is too damn high? Don’t look now, but it’s getting even higher. Thanks to Airbnb, New Yorkers had to pay over $600 million in higher rent.”

New York Is Not For Sale

“Airbnb says they want to help NeW York families but all they really do is help themselves to billions of dollars while those families pay the price for Airbnb’s predatory housing schemes.”

What Else Are They Hiding?

“Airbnb says they’re all about the community. But how many safety incidents will it take before Airbnb gets the message? When it comes to the safety of our community and theirs, Airbnb has fallen dangerously short…”

The True Face of Airbnb

“Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort allegedly hid behind a web of secret foreign corporate entities to launder money and illegally rent apartments on Airbnb. Manafort is one of thousands of commercial operators running rampant on Airbnb…”

My Story: #AirbnbWhileBlack

I would get rejected all the time. I would reach out, get denied, and when I’d check back a few days later, I’d still see the same rental was available.

Pay Your Fair Share, Airbnb!

“Airbnb loves talking about paying taxes. What they don’t want you to know is, they are actually running a sophisticated tax avoidance scheme.”

LA is NOT For Sale

Airbnb says they are all about the community. But we’re paying the price for Airbnb’s predatory housing schemes. They’ve taken over 7,000 homes from Angelenos and turned them into short-term hotels for tourists.

A City for Everyone

If we fail to be a city for everyone, we risk losing what makes New York, New York. We risk losing the very soul of this place, if it isn’t a place for every kind of person.

Marvin's Story

When my daughter was about four months old, in the middle of the night we had to rush her to the emergency room… Our benefits are irreplaceable.

New Yorkers Agree

“Prop One keeps good jobs and casino revenue in New York, instead of sending them out of state. It brings hundreds of millions in new aid to our schools.”