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Strategic Consulting

We have the expertise to navigate complex challenges at the local, state & national levels.


Our team will develop your message & generate high-impact placements on multiple platforms.


We have a top-notch analytics operation that delivers an advantage for public & private clients.

Advertising & Content

Our nationally-recognized content & strategic ad placement services are critical to meeting client objectives.

Strategic Consulting

Every member of the MPS team has electoral experience. We’ve either worked directly for a political campaign, run an outside effort for a supportive union, or both. Most of our team has been involved with dozens of races in the past decade, many of them hotly contested.

MPS successfully managed Ken Thompson’s campaign for Brooklyn District Attorney. Ken was a first-time candidate facing a 23-year incumbent, who he defeated 55% to 44% in the primary and 75% to 25% in the general election. In doing so, Ken became the first person to unseat a sitting New York City District Attorney since 1955 and Brooklyn’s first African American D.A.

MPS successfully managed the “Vote Yes on Proposal 1” campaign, in which the public voted on a statewide ballot to allow the largest expansion of commercial gaming in New York State’s history. Proposal 1 was passed by a margin of 57% to 43% in November 2013.

MPS provided strategic and communications services to the successful 2014 reelection of Congressman Charles Rangel in one of the most contested and scrutinized races in the nation. Rangel’s margin of victory increased over his performance in 2012.


Public Affairs

MPS helps bring together the different elements that make an issue campaign successful: grassroots mobilization, advocacy, and mass messaging. We will coordinate a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations. We will perfect your message. We will get the press interested. And we will help you navigate the political system to deliver your message to the right policymakers. Our strategies aim to remind elected officials how much the voters care about your issues.

In recent years, MPS has managed many high-profile, successful public affairs campaigns, including: the Share Better coalition that has become the unified force of opposition to illegal hotel operators like Airbnb; the Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice that raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all workers in New York State; and United for Affordable NYC, a coalition that brought together labor unions, community and advocacy groups, clergy, and business organizations in support of Mayor de Blasio’s affordable housing plans.

General Strategy

Overall strategic campaign management to create the most impactful outcomes

Coalition Building

Developing the best partnerships to ensure objectives are met


Branding & Messaging

Building the right message to succeed in complex public or private challenges

Media Services

Leveraging our relationships to communicate and shape your message in the media


Our expertise is second to none, and will help you improve your message. Messages have to be media-friendly, accurate, and, above all, memorable. Our immersion in the process, such as doing in-house research on the issues at stake, gives us a deep understanding of your message and how to take it to the next level.

We help write press releases and pitch stories to media outlets. We can write talking points, opinion pieces and speeches. We also offer media training, which may be valuable for both seasoned spokespeople and those with less experience in front of the cameras.

Public Relations

The best media strategy is one that is proactive, not reactive. Crisis management is one of our core competencies, but handling crises well is not enough. In order to win you have to make the news. We know how to frame and deliver your message so that you become the newsmaker.

The MPS team is composed of expert producers and consumers of media content with strong relationships with the press. Through traditional and digital platforms, we have succeeded in amplifying and generating top earned media placements for years.

In the past our team has been in charge of public relations work for labor unions, electoral campaigns, political parties, non-profit organizations, and above all the New York Attorney General’s office. We take pride in making your message more effective.

Social Media and Digital Outreach

Digital media has great potential to expand your campaign or organizational goals, but it requires a detailed plan, one that matches objectives to capabilities, to be effective. We will develop that plan for you and help you execute it. Our team has a great deal of experience with earned and paid social media placements, including on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. We aim to help you use digital media in innovative ways that maximize your payoffs from it.

Data Analysis

We offer a wide array of research services on topics essential to meeting your public or private sector goals. There is a great deal of information available online about politics in New York and beyond – information about voters, about campaign finance, about court cases and legislation. We rigorously comb through it in search of patterns and anomalies, looking for facts that give you an edge.

Our analysts have a combined 30 years of research experience at a mix of top places: the Hotel Trades Council union, advocacy groups, the Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations, and the New York Attorney General’s office. We can provide comprehensive analyses on any issue area you need researched.

Message Testing

Successful messaging is all about successful targeting. Before any large media buy, you want to be confident in the value of your message. And one of the ways to check that a message works is to test it beforehand. In addition to vulnerability assessments, we can run both polls and focus groups to help refine your message.

Advertising & Content

Our in-house team has been nationally recognized for award-winning television ads and top-notch content that makes our clients’ messages resonate. MPS helps clients identify communications opportunities wherever they exist – and that means creating content for opinion pieces, campaign material, infographics, and other vehicles to advance your public affairs strategies.

Once we have developed effective creative content, we work closely with clients to create media plans and then land targeted media placements that ensure advertisements are delivered efficiently and effectively. From television and web ads to print ads and mail to digital ads in all forms, MPS can manage your advertising needs from inception to execution.

Television Ads


Web Videos

Leveraging our relationships to communicate and shape your message in the media

Digital Targeting

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