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Utilizing our unique brand of strategic expertise garnered through years of experience at the highest levels of politics, government, and media, we will develop thoughtful and creative solutions to your most complex needs.


Our team is uniquely positioned to coordinate a coalition of like-minded individuals, perfect your message and get the press interested.



Once a tactical plan is in place, we dedicate all of our energy and focus to ensuring that you achieve essential advantage through flawless execution.


From inception to mobilization to execution, the Metropolitan Public Strategies team dedicates all of its energy and focus to ensuring our clients achieve the essential advantage.


POLITICO — IDC defeat boosts Democratic hopes, but Senate control still far off

“A decade in the political wilderness will mean that the newly empowered majority will want to have a strong voice in setting the state’s priorities,” said Neal Kwatra, a prominent Democratic operative. “While there is no shortage of issues to tackle, a focus on a robust voting reform agenda to empower the millions of citizens in New York who don’t vote every election cycle would be a powerful opening salvo. Automatic voter registration, no-fault absentee, vote-by-mail and early vote are arguably as core to the party’s priorities as ‘Medicare for All.'”

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New York Daily News – Cuomo vulnerability was more hope than reality

“Progressives can have success in state legislative and congressional primaries—but winning statewide still requires a different kind of coalition,” said veteran Democratic operative Neal Kwatra. “They’re winning in districts that are manageable. You can change the electorate in state legislative and congressional districts in a way you can’t statewide as easily.”

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Our mission is to address our clients’ immediate and long-term goals by crafting thoughtful and creative solutions to their most complex strategic problems.


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